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Becoming a writer was never all that I had planned for myself. I'm admittedly a bit of an overachiever and hardly ever satisfied. Proudly ambitious, I've immersed myself in many creative ideas, projects and business ventures over the years. In addition to writing novels, I also run a successful wedding business and I paint acrylic and watercolor abstract. When I'm not buried in my many projects, I'm a wife to a man who still spoils me every day and a mama to five lively boys and one spirited little girl. My family of eight lives in a small, rural town on the outskirts of Charleston, SC where I grew up. I find most of my joy being caught up in the chaos of our six children, so much in fact that the silence is bothersome. We're just your typical lively bunch, fighting over the last dinner roll at the dinner table, falling asleep on road trips to a new campground every summer and navigating normal everyday things. When I do find myself in silence, I almost always get lost in my pages, creating new stories for my characters and living vicariously through their lives.  Here are some random facts about me:

  • I’m a classic helicopter mom and not ashamed of it one bit. Seriously, if I could microchip my kids, I totally would. 

  • I’m a hopeless reader of any romance novel. 

  • I drink sweet tea way too much. 

  • I don’t own makeup.

  • I always cry at weddings. 

  • I’m admittedly a little overambitious. 

  • All of my first editions were published under the pen name, Chantelle Azach.

  • My mother is my best friend.

  • I’d rather wear sneakers than heels. 

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What People are Saying

Krista Garrand is an A-1 author, she grabs you & keeps you locked into a story until the end.

I couldn't put it down after the first chapter! The characters are so real and the story is completely engaging. This is a true page turner.


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